Litter U & Litter W are here !!!


6.06.2016 - Lea Kocilandia*PL gave birth to Ulysses Kocilandia*PL, week later 6 more kittens were born, mother of the w-litter is Businka Liger Siberia. Their father is Ozzy Kamelia*PL. More info soon in our Kittens section. Live stream is on from time to time on YouTube.



Ulysses Kocilandia*PL









Cats, kitties, kittens..


Our M-litter is already playing all around the house and will be ready to leave our cattery very soon. Some kittens are still looking for their loving homes, check our Kittens section for more details.


In the mean time we caught Ozzy and Zireael secretly in love! Well, it's actually no secret! Maybe something will be born out of this love :)


They reminded me I need to get more washing machines.. they make perfect cat beds!


Ozzy & Zireael







We have kittens!


Litter M was born. We have 4 girls and 2 boys!

Parents are JCH Businka Liger Siberia and IC Heban Kocilandia. More photos coming soon.


Before & after ;-)


Neva Masquerade Litter M


Neva Masquerade Litter M






Just news


We have been so quiet for so many months! How can it be?! It's time for an update!


At the show in Kaunas, Lithuania 21-22 June 2014:


Our beautiful Zireael Kuz'kin Dom was Best in Show semi-longhair female! She totally got it wrong and in the middle of summer she has grown winter coat. Zireael is now Grand International Champion!


Our not-so-small-anymore Heban finished his International Champion title and both days was nominated to Best in Show loosing by 1 vote with the grand winner of the whole show - a beautiful Kurlilian Bobtail. Heban knows it's summer time and has put his swimming suit on ;)



Zireael - Best in Show semi-longhair female in Kaunas

Heban at Kaunas Cat Show


At the show in Radom, Poland 7-8 June 2014:


Our little lady Busya finished her Junior Champion title and was nominated to Best in Show!


Our almost-adult Heban was Best in Show semi-longhair male and received award Best Opposite Sex!



In the mean time L-litter is growing more and more beautiful. You can see the photos here. For the moment there's no available kittens in this litter.







Spring time!


Spring arrived and we did some cleaning in Our Cats section. You can now find more information about our new princess Businka Liger Siberia, who is just starting her show career.


It has been some time since we last had neva kittens in our cattery. Our classic siberian queen is going to retire and since now on we will breed blue-eyed siberians only. We are expecting next litter in the middle of May from our beautiful GIC Snezhka NEVAda*RU. Snezhka visited a very handsome male some weeks ago. We will announce it as soon as the kittens are born.



Snezhka expecting kittens!








The show is over..


Great results of our little beauties at Warsaw WCF International Cat Show on 5-6 April:


Our boy World Champion Ozzy Kamelia: Best of Best III and Best Opposite Sex!


His son Heban Kocilandia: 2x NOM BIS and III place in WCF Adult Ring (out of 32 cats)! Heban is just 12 month old, but he already got excellent results! His mom Zireael got another CACIB and is soon to be International Champion!


Kot Neva Masquerade Ozzy na Wystawie w Warszawie



Kotka Neva Masquerade Busia na Wystawie w Warszawie



We are also very happy with little Busya, the youngest of our cats. She got NOM BIS and additionally on the first day of the show she became the most beautiful semi-longhair female kitten of age 6-10 months! What a brave girl!


We are very grateful for amazing show and great atmosphere to Polish Feline Association (PZF). We are looking forward to next show in October!







We have a new family member!



Not that quite new, because she lives with us since January, but for the first time on our website, let me introduce:


Businka "Busya" Liger Siberia


Busya came to us from Moscow, she is a Neva Masquerade cat of color seal tabby point.


You can see Busya together with Heban, Ozzy and Zireael at Warsaw Cat Show organised by PZF next weekend. You can find all the information here.



Businka Neva Masquerade







Heban is an Adult Cat!


Our little Heban started his show career in Adult Cats in Toruń on 15th February. He is just 10.5 months old and looked funny with big and mature competitors. Still he charmed judge Mrs. Marion Meister with his grace and calmness and was awarded with 2nd place in WCF Ring of adult cats!



Kot Neva Masquerade Heban Kocilandia*PL na wystawie w Toruniu







K-kittens were born!


Last week 3 beautiful boys were born in our cattery. They are very strong and colorful, all classic siberians. They will be ready to leave to their homes around 18 April.


There is also a beautiful boy, Jantar, who's looking for his new home. Jantar is very promising neva boy of show quality, only available to foreign catteries. You can see his photos in the Kittens section.


Kocięta syberyjskie z miotu K Kocilandia*PL







Happy New Year!


We started year 2014 from the Cat Show in Piaseczno 11-12.01.2014. We were suprised with the results:


Heban Kocilandia*PL

Ex1, CACJ, NOM BIS, BIS both days!

I place WCF Kitten Ring (24 kittens)!

Heban is now Junior Champion!


Litter J Kocilandia*PL

Ex1, NOM BIS, BIS both days!



It was a big pleasure to attend this show. Many thanks to IBSCC Cat Club for very friendly atmosphere and perfect organization!



Heban in Piaseczno







We visited Żywiec


At the Cat Show in Żywiec our cats did fantastic! Ozzy on Sunday became the most beautiful cat of the show and received Best of Best I and Snezka lost comparison with Ozzy and received Best Opposite Sex becoming the most beautiful female of semi-longhair cats. We very much hope we can come back to this great city someday.


We are taking a break from the shows as Christmas are coming and we need to take care of our cute J-kittens, they are already so big and fluffy :)


  Ozzy at the cat show in Żywiec







J-kittens were born

Heban got BiS in Pruszkow Cat Show


It has been so quiet here for some time already, finally we have some big news!


Litter J was born on 18th October, 2 girls and 3 boys. They are still very little, spend their time sleeping and eating only. We patiently wait for them to grow and become beautiful siberian points! We have already made some photos here!


At the Pruszkow Cat Show on 12-13 October our little kitten Heban got BoS and BiS Young semi-longhair! We are very proud of our boy who only just finished 6 months of age. We miss him very much as he already lives in his own home and has his own human family.


  Neva Masquerade Litter J Kocilandia







Kittens were born


Last weekend Snezhka gave birth to 3 female kittens. The color of the kittens needs a few more weeks to get better developed, but my guess is all blue tabby points. More details coming soon, as the kittens grow.


Snezhka also takes care of 2 other kittens, whose mom doesn't have any milk. They are all treated very carefully.


The kittens will be ready to leave our cattery in November.


   Neva Masquerade Miot I Kocilandia









The last of F-kittens went to his new home just today.


In the mean time G-kittens and H-kittens grow and play around happily. It's only 3 weeks left till their departure to new homes. We are going to miss them MUCH!


New photos in section Kittens.



   Kocięta Neva Masquerade





On the Easter time we had 12 bunnies born in our cattery!

Snezhka and Zireael gave birth to litters G and H, 7 girls and 5 boys.

More information coming as the kittens grow up.










On WCF World Show in Warsaw our Ozzy got Best of Best III on the first day and Best Opposite Sex on the second day of the show!


In this excellent way Ozzy finished the title World Champion - highest WCF title!




   Neva Masquerade Ozzy Kamelia*PL






We have brand new photo galleries thanks to!





On the February 28th litter F was born. The parents are EC Fukiko Bajkowy Kot and GEC Ozzy Kamelia. There are 3 kittens - all neva masquerade, 2 boys and a girl. Colors yet to be determined, silver and smoke possible.

We also plan Snezhka's and Zireael's litters in the spring.


If you are interested, just e-mail us!

We will be happy to answer all your questions!


   Miot F







We came back from Kaunas in Lithuania!


Our Ozzy got Best of Best 2 both days of the show! We are very happy!


Our ladies did very well and finished their titles for Champion and International Champion.


Thank you Klubas Top Miau for excellent organization and very good show! We will be happy to come again!


More photos here.


Ozzy Kamelia*PL Best of Best





We and our cats liked the show very much!


This is the photo of Ozzy and Zireael resting before the show in Kaunas hotel:


Ozzy i Zireael w hote w Kownie







At the last show in Piotrkow Trybunalski our lovely cat EC Ozzy Kamelia*PL got BOB2 on the first day and BOB1 on the second day! We are very happy for him!


Our pretty girls did well too, Snezhka finished her Champion title and Zireael got nominated twice and got 3rd place in the WCF Kitten Ring.


The show was well organised, there was a lot of beautiful cats, friendly atmosphere and many visitors. It was a real pleasure to participate in this PZF show.





English version of our website is ready! Enjoy!




Welcome to our new website of Siberian Cats Cattery - Kocilandia*PL!

We need just a few more days to make it complete! Please, come back later! I'm sure you will like the new content!